All Aboard the Event Express!

Whenever possible take your whole family on a memorable train ride! Experience the excitement travelling on one of our many excursions on offer throughout the year.

Durban to Scottburgh, Shongweni Farmers’ Market and our North Coast Trips.

Taking the KZN Business Express down the coast, or up into the hills will be a delight for every member of your family, giving them the opportunity to experience, possibly for the first time in their lives.

From the moment you arrive at the Premier Lounge at Durban Station guests are more than just passengers. The Event Express is all about having fun with the whole family.

After greeting, meeting and registration, everyone will be escorted to the train which will be ready to depart from our own specially provided private platform.

Like the Hogwarts Express, this train doesn’t just leave from the same space as just any other train!

Scottburgh Trips
Shongweni Trips

Now that you are all on board, it’s all about relaxing in comfort and enjoying the wonderful scenery during the one and a half hour journey to Scottburgh; or just 60 minutes to Shongweni. Refreshments will be available on the Scottburgh trips, so please remember to purchase your refreshment vouchers during registration.

The Shongweni route takes us through two tunnels and stops at the waterfalls to give passengers the opportunity to take photographs. Refreshments will be available on the Shongweni trips, so please remember to purchase your refreshment vouchers during registration.

Once you arrive in Scottburgh there are a host of options for you to consider.

Spend the day on the beach or paddle a canoe up the lagoon and then spoil yourself by having lunch at one of the local hotels, restaurants or fast-food outlets, including the Blue Marlin, Cutty Sark Hotel, C Breeze, Enzo Pizzeria, Mozam prawn shack and Nellos.

Meals and other activities are not included in the price of your tickets.

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